Unbeatable Catfish and Carp fishing holidays in France!

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“Great fishing last week, 2,200lb of cats and carp, plus a small Zander, broke
our PB's 8 times, I started with a 38lb cat and finished with an 84lb plus a PB
carp of 30lb, my Dad's best was an 80lb cat. We will definitely be back and would recommend Exclusive Angling Holidays to anyone looking to fish in France. The service and advice was great particularly about the cat fishing. All the best and hope to see you soon.”

“Hiya Nick and Charlie - Back in the UK safe and sound. Just like to say thank you for looking after us last week, we all had a really great time, thanks Charlie for the breakfasts - excellent!  Best of luck with the future, we were really impressed.
We'll see you again next year. Tony Kyte, Ian, Keith and Mac " BLEU MAY 2013

“Exclusive angling holidays is one of them places you'll just fall in love with, whether it be from the surrounding area or the lakes themselves, it's a quiet piece of France tucked away with the most amazing fishing! having been 3 years ago and again this year 2013, what the new owners Nick and Charlie have achieved in a short space of time is amazing and the lakes are even better than ever (less snags and shade!!!!), if you want a sort of relaxing holiday (monster Catfish won't give you this!!) with a lake run by lovely people, don't waste your time reading this and make your way to the booking page! You won't be disappointed and will be keen to come back right away! My party of four are egging to return ASAP!!” Lee Clayton.

“Once again we have returned from another excellent week on Rouge. This is the second Fly
and Survive we have booked and everything was perfect as usual including the weather (up to 33 degrees!). A big change since last year on Rouge where Cats were the main target. This year, after Nick's spring clean, we had just the choice carp to go for and did the lake produce! 3 of us had 37 fish totalling nearly 1000lbs. 11 fish over 30lbs and several around the 29lbs mark. Biggest was a superb 38lb 12oz Common. Plenty of fish off the top as well with locally bought dog biscuit - up to 36lb - what a fight!!. A big thanks to Nick, Charlie and Elaine for making this a fantastic venue. The 'Full English' cooked at the lakeside by Charlie and Elaine each morning really set us up for the day.

“I first visited the lakes in 2004 and was instantly struck by the natural beauty of the setting and the lakes themselves. From the first moment I stepped through the gates a feeling of calm and awe settled over me, something I have experienced at very few places, it was like stepping onto hallowed ground. I intended to spend the first hour or so walking around the lake, watching the fish and getting a plan of attack sorted. In the end I found myself walking around the entire complex watching the truly impressive fish and found myself 4 hours later with the rods still in the car and a smile on my face that stayed for the whole week!

I originally arrived at the lakes to target the carp, with multiple captures over 20lb to 36lb+ on the first evening. I sat up all of the first night still completely blown away by the lakes and being kept busy by the hungry carp. Just before dawn I received a blistering run and found myself being propelled head first towards the lake as the clutch engaged! After being treated to a 20 minute tour of the lake and nearly having my arm torn from its socket I finally squeezed most of my first French cat into the net. I remember shining the light on the mat, rubbing my aching arms and sanding in awe of the fish that lay before me. It was 72lb of fin perfect catfish which, now that it was out of the water, was as docile as a kitten. I was in love, all thoughts of carp banished from my thoughts by the memory of that epic fight and I found myself returning many times over the next 9 years, always targeting catfish, seeking that adrenaline rush that comes from a big cat fight.

The lakes are a very special place and I have had some ups and downs over the years, torrential thunderstorms in a bivvy that leaked like a sieve (Many thanks to John for coming to the rescue on that one!), Catfish not in the mood to feed, baitfish refusing to be caught or being caught and then escaping from the net! On one particularly memorable night having to strip to my undies and swim the line under a snag at 3am with a very angry 90+ cat just under my feet courtesy of Liam Foley, I don’t think I have ever managed to move so fast as I did getting back into the boat after the cats tail came out of the misty water right next to my face! Running into the village for freshly baked bread each morning to share with the kingfishers and Jays, eating freshly cooked meals which are brought to the swims, watching the multitude of wildlife, the amazing starry sky unobstructed by even the slightest light pollution and completely relaxing with good friends in amazing surroundings. All of this without mentioning the amazing quality of the fishing and the wealth of advice and laughs provided by the people from Exclusive Angling Holidays.

2 Years ago myself and 2 very good friends set ourselves the target of catching a 100+ cat from Bleu. On our next visit I managed a fish of 99lb 12oz which I preferred to a scraper ton as it gave us the chance to return the next year for the big girl! In 2012 myself and a friend achieved the elusive ton with fish of 114lb 8oz and 113lb respectively with the third member of the party landing a 97 (the one that lead to my 3am dunking). After the initial euphoria of the catches had worn off we found ourselves sad at the thought that we wouldn’t be visiting the lakes again, we had achieved our target and only had repeat captures to look forward to. After some discussion we decided not to return this year but as time has gone on the lakes have never been far from our thoughts. We have been discussing the lakes more and more, all disappointed not to be going this year and wondering if the others would fancy the move onto Rouge and having a go at targeting the big girl in there next year.

We have a trip booked in the UK for this summer but all of the chat and excitement is about Rouge next summer.

Truly an amazing place and one I will be returning to for as long as I can, a massive thanks to Nick, Charlie & John and everyone else who work so hard to keep it so special. Rouge 2014 here we come!”
Dave Collison

I would like to say a big thank you to Nick, Charlie and John.
What a smashing lake and with the prettiest surroundings and great wild life . This has been by far my most memorable trip and can't
wait to return. Never in all my years fishing have I ever met such a nice and extremely helpful baliff. Always more then happy to help
and accommodate with whatever is needed. Once again a big big
big thank you to you all. Dazzer, Bleu, June 2013

Thanks again for an amazing fishing experience, the trip truly surpassed all my expectations. The venue is beautiful, peaceful and
a real pleasure to wake up in. The home cooked food that Charlie provided was top class, I am missing my 3 meals a day by the bank.
I can't recommend the lake highly enough as it really meets all my fishing needs. Adam Pearce, Bleu, June 2013

I’ve been Carp fishing in France now for a few years and been fortunate to meet some wonderful people who I consider are now close friends. This year Nick and Charlie invited me for an afternoons fishing at their lake. Having never fished for Catfish before (or knowing what to expect) I jumped at the chance.

After a warm reception, and stocking up on some local rouge, Nick escorted us down to the lake. We received a quick crash course on how to fish with 5lb test Spod Rods and then Nick put us right on the Fish. While trying to enjoy the weather and my 1st glass of wine I inconveniently hooked in to my first ever Catfish. This topped the scales at 40lb and set the precedent for the rest of the afternoon. In fact I don’t recall being able to get 3 rods in the water or finishing my glass of wine for that matter. The cats just kept coming and all around the mid 40lb mark that was however, until that special moment. Talk about the calm before the storm! It was just one of those moments when you knew something was going to happen. The wind had died down the birds had stopped tweeting and then a huge crash under the far tree line was followed by the Fox Micro going in to melt down. I’m sure anyone Carp angler would agree that hooking into something that doubles over a 5lb Spod Rod is

“Nick & Charlie -Thanks for another great week’s fishing at Etangs des Papillons.  After fishing all 3 of the lakes for nearly 20 years I always look forward to it – great fish in a stunning location. The amount of work you carried out last winter is impressive by any standards.
New swims, easier access to swims, sun/rain? shelters, and of course  the biggest change of the lot – the separation of the carp from the cats.  So whether you are after big carp, or big cats, there is now a lake especially for you, or if you are happy catching both, there is still Vert, which is itself a lovely little lake.We had a great week on Rouge and I’ve already started the countdown to next year. Thanks again.” Colin Eastman, Lake Rouge - June 2014

“Hi All… 3 of us have just done a week on 'Exclusive Anglings' Lake Bleu. We had
a great time catching 43 cats between us with the best being 110lb. Keeping the
rods in the water at night was pretty hard work as the runs just kept coming, and after 3am most nights we hardly had any rods in the water due to needing some sleep. Nick and Charlie visited each day and were extremely helpful, we also did
the food package due to being lazy but I would recommend this as the food was awesome every day!! To anyone thinking of a trip to France for the cats you would be mad to not consider this place.”
Tony Corbett, Lake Bleu - June 2014

Nothing was too much trouble. When a buzzer battery ran out of juice a new one was with us within 15 mins - that's impressive. Local supermarkets were great (and wine cheap). With the flight from Stanstead to Limoges only taking 1 hour 25 mins we would not consider getting here any other way.  This is the way to fish. All equipment supplied at the lakeside except for reels, head-torches and end tackle - although nearly all the carp came in on what I would describe as 'simple' rigs - nothing complicated required but you need to get to know the lake contours to get the best fishing. We'll be back next year to get to grips with the Bleu Cats again!!”  John, Tom and Matt - Letchworth, England.

"Just wanted to say thank you very much for an excellent holiday. The improvements to the lake you have made are fantastic. The shelter and picnic table make it a really comfortable place to camp, and the summer house is so much lighter and easier to use, and having a fridge is also great (enjoyed cold beer!).

As always, the fishing was amazing. As it was only Jake and I, we did not fish all day every day, but we still managed 11 cats (best two fish 103lb and 90lb) plus 25 carp with the best a Common of 30.5lb."

"To Charlie, Nick and Mum. Thanks for an amazing week, everything was fantastic. Food was amazing, hospitality was brilliant. Getting involved with Nick's challenge was a pleasure - if it wasn't for your kind donation we would never had a chance to
be here.  Fishing was amazing. We caught a total of 760lbs 10oz between four of us.

We can't thank you all enough and there are no words to express how we feel, just totally fulfilled. On behalf of us all at Carping for Macmillan we thank you.
Good health to you all.”  Steve, Dan, Rod and Kyle

“Hi All… 3 of us have just done a week on 'Exclusive Anglings' Lake Bleu.
We had a great time catching 43 cats between us with the best being 110lb. Keeping the rods in the water at night was pretty hard work as the runs just kept coming, and after 3am most nights we hardly had any rods in the water due to needing some sleep. Nick and Charlie visited each day and were extremely helpful, we also did the food package due to being lazy but I would recommend this as the food was awesome every day!! To anyone thinking of a trip to France for the cats you would be mad to not consider this place. www.exclusiveanglingholidays.com They also have a couple of carp lakes there for your mudpig mates!”  Tony Corbett

“Thanks to Nick and Charlie for the best fishing experience of our lives, as soon as we turned into the pathway down to the lakes through what actually is a tunnel of bushes where human existence seemed to end, the only noise you will hear will be from the birds or the alarms screaming the lodges were perfect for what ever we needed and enough room to make things very comfortable, Nick was on hand ...atleast once a day and can honestly say the man just wants you to catch fish and enjoy your holiday. the fishing was like nothing experienced before and doing a fly and survive the equipment was perfect for the job, spending 5 nights on vert was great fun and brilliant social with plenty of banter and then finishing on bleu for 2 nights was a definite eye opener to the power of big catfish, in two nights we landed 26 catfish ranging from 52lb to 102lb with clutches done tight and the beasts still wripping line off was great fun. cant wait to be back on your lakes, thanks again!!”
Chris, Barry, Dave

Hi Nick and Charlie

After yet another great week on Blue me and Ken beat our personal best yet again and this is what brings us back twice a year for the last seven years.  When we first fished Vert we caught over 2500lb of Cats and Carp and from that day on we were hooked. Can’t wait to get back to the lakes and all the great people at the lakes and the caravan site. Many thanks

Danny Rose and Kenny Weir

"As a group of 3 Carp and Cat anglers we've been returning up to twice a year to Exclusive Angling for the last 10 years.

We have experienced many fisheries in France and the UK over the years but where-ever we go we always end up comparing that venue to Rouge and Bleu!!! There's just something special about these lakes, the fishing is great and we have all had numerous PB's over the years (most recent was 108lb cat) but that not just it!!! It's also about the surroundings and the whole experience of the package that Charlie and Nick provide.

As hosts they're simply amazing, they can't do enough for you!!! Whether its Charlie's cooking skills or Nick's advice,

they both make constant efforts to improve the lakes and facilities, you couldn't ask for more, but if you want to be left alone they'll do that too.

Just counting the days until we're there again to experience the recent improvements for 2016......can't wait"  Tony Kyte

Many thanks for the best weeks fishing we have ever had! We had an amazing week and smashed our PB's several times. Although the weather was against us we still managed to get plenty of fish on the bank. The lake is beautiful, the food is excellent and the cats really do pull! We can't wait to come back next year!

Michael Treadwell & Tony Treadwell

We have been going to exclusive angling holidays fishing for about 16 years. Each year is amazing, the fishing is just a dream, we have lakes to our self,  Charlie and nick are great help if you need it.  Not many people can say that they catch a fish in there bikini top!  The place to go!!

Yvonne & Jay Osbourne