Unbeatable Catfish and Carp fishing holidays in France!



Q. Why do you bother to offer bait when there are so many brands on sale in the UK?

A. Our fish are our livelihood, and as such we want to keep them in the best condition possible. By offering our high quality baits at competitive prices, we are investing in our lakes. There are too many low quality, low nutritional value baits on the market that can endanger our stock. We want to make sure our fish are strong and healthy for many years to come.

Q. But will I catch fish on them?

A. Of course! All our baits are tested prior to launch, and if they don’t catch, we don’t sell them. If you want to know more about the flavours and recent captures, keep an eye on our facebook page for updates.

Q. What other advantages are there?

A. Almost too many to mention. How about if you’re short on space in the car, or you’re traveling with family who don’t appreciate the delicate aroma of fishmeal pellets? From feedback, we know that anglers using our baits catch more, simply because we only sell the flavours that work in our lakes.


Active Baits – MTX

New for 2014 – Made by the founder of premier baits, This bait uses a Squid Crayfish flavour with Hydrolysed Marine Attractor. £50/68€ per 5 kilo bag.

Active Baits – Spicy Lob

The spicy red enzyme bait incorporates all of the original enzyme attractors, with the addition of a very pungent spicy flavour. £50/68€ per 5 kilo bag.
Premier Baits  - Matrix

Our best-selling bait over the last 4 years. Simply awesome. £50/68€ per 5 kilo bag.
Premier Baits – Super Indian

Made with supermarinos base mix - A variation on Aminos with the addition of lots of Robin Red, Spice Extracts, Granular Kelp and Liver concentrate. £50/68€ per 5 kilo bag.

Halibut Pellets 22mm - £2.50/3€ per 1 kilo

Halibut Pellets 15mm - £2.50/3€ per 1 kilo

Cereal based Pellet 8mm - £2.50/3€ per 1 kilo

Mixed seed particles - £13/17.50€ per 10 kilos

Freshly frozen Mackerel (for Catfish fishing) - Approx £14/18€ for 5 fish (dependent on the size of the fish)

Live baits - There are three options:

1- there are livebaits in Blue & Rouge so you can catch them yourselves at no extra cost.

2 - We can supply you with livebaits (2 deliveries during the week) at a charge per fish according to size.  This must be pre-ordered.

3 - You can fish for them for yourselves from our livebait pool, at a cost of 90€ each for the week - this is the better option if you are intending to be livebait orientated.

*Please remember to bring rods, reels and end tackle for catching live baits

Bait paid for on arrival will be charged in Euros.

If you wish to purchase any bait, please click here to download our Bait Order Form and return it to us at
Exclusive Angling Holidays. If you have any further questions please don’t hesititate to contact us: enquiries@exclusiveanglingholidays.com